Park Fifth, Los Angeles, CA

Beginning in fall 2016, Fryman Management has supported Suffolk Construction with Macfarlane Partners' much-anticipated construction of the Park Fifth high rise, a mixed-use development in downtown Los Angeles. Situated in a diverse neighborhood of residential spaces, restaurants and office buildings, the construction site falls along several bus routes and is walking distance to Pershing Square Metro Station and several tourist destinations. Fryman Management immediately undertook the complexity at hand, assessing vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian flow patterns, which then informed the design of our worksite traffic control plans and temporary street lighting. The resulting plans helped avoid or limit any negative impact to the roadways and sidewalks near the worksite while positioning our client to meet schedule milestones. Most importantly, our design and management approached helped ensure the safety of the work crews and traveling public. Having acquired the necessary permits for peak hour work and lane closures during mass excavation, Fryman Management implemented traffic control services to support significant phase transitions, along with third-party coordination for public transportation reroutes and public outreach efforts as needed. The Park Fifth project exemplifies the seamless support structure that distinguishes Fryman Management from our competitors. Our comprehensive approach to traffic management provides our client with continuity of support and expertise throughout all stages of a construction project.

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